Things are kicking off in September 2017! From then on, MySports will have you under its spell: exclusive live sports, in-depth analyses, heated talks. And you at the centre of it all. The best part is that all TV customers of the Swiss cable networks can receive the MySports HD basic channel free of charge as part of the basic package. In addition to this, real fans can experience even more live sport with the MySports Pro supplementary package. MySports is available exclusively through the Swiss cable networks. Subscribe to MySports Pro now from your cable provider.

The MySports providers

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Questions & answers

Which sports will MySports show?

Besides Swiss ice hockey and Bundesliga highlights, many other sports will also be shown on MySports, such as handball, beach volleyball, basketball, equestrian sport and Formula E. In addition, MySports will broadcast the Swedish Hockey League, the Russian Kontinental Hockey League and the Portuguese Liga NOS. And so there are countless highlights in store for every sports fan.

Where can I watch MySports?

MySports will be available throughout the whole of Switzerland exclusively through the cable network and will be broadcast by our SUISSEDIGITAL partners. Find out which cable partner operates at your address with our postcode search.

Which languages will MySports broadcast in?

The channels will be available in all of Switzerland’s regions and will be broadcast primarily in German and French. Ice hockey games involving Ticino will also be broadcast and commentated in Italian.

How can I subscribe to MySports?

Information about the basic channel and the MySports Pro sports package and how you can subscribe to these is available on the websites of the MySports partners.

When will MySports launch?

The basic MySports HD channel will go live at the start of the Swiss ice hockey season on 8 September 2017. Depending on your cable provider, you can already enjoy international premium channels now with your MySports Pro subscription. The 2. Bundesliga will be shown from start of the season on 28 July 2017.